What are best glass frames for progressive lenses?

I would love to find the best glasses frame for my progressive lenses.Does anyone know about this?
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  • cowboyfrom666

    Overall,what u really need is a small frame.Just a small frame can meet ur progressive lenses.U may know that people who needs bifocal or trifocal lenese definitely need larger frames,however,this is just on the contrary.U know what?If u r a fashionable guy,u might as well try vintage glasses.According to what I know,most of vintage glasses have small frames.By the way,not only the frame size,but also the frame material is also very important.If u want to get well along with ur progressive lenses,u had better choose metal,plastic or titanium.In a word,wish this could help.
  • b0w_d0wn_2_me

    Since the progressive lenses are made to help people at all distance vision, they need big framed eyeglasses so that to get big lenses to support your vision aids. Usually, the progressive lenses required the eyeglasses frames at lest have 28 mm lens height. So, when it refers to the best glasses frame for progressive lenses, the big eyeglasses frame are recommend. Of courses, you shall also consider the design of the frame that if it fit for your head and face.

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