What are best backpacking sunglasses?

What is the best sunglasses for backpacking?

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  • Melissa duncan

    First of all, your backpacking sunglasses must be very comfortable to wear and they will not keep fall down from your nose bridge once in a while. Well, I guess you may know that would be very annoying, right? Then, you need to choose the suitable color for your lenses. As you may know, you also need to protect your eyes from being damaged from uv rays when hiking. I suggest you to buy Ray-Ban wayfare sunglasses, which is always a necessity for people who go climbing or go hiking.
  • Melissa garcia

    Personally, polarized sunglasses are the best for backpacking. Compared common sunglasses, polarized sunglasses can protect the eyes from sunshine, UV rays and glares. With it, you can get good eye protection. If you want a cool look, you can also try flash lenses sunglasses mirror lenses sunglasses which is also good at shielding eyes from intensive sunshine and glares. Besides, these sunglasses are very cool to make you outstanding.

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