Should pilots wear polarized sunglasses?

Will it be okay for pilots to wear polarized sunglasses?Any ideas?
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Answers (2)

  • Logan

    No,of course they are not allowed to wear that.The polarized lenses will cause some light to the surface and that will affect those pilots' vision to some extent.Once their vision gets affected,do u still think this is a safe trip?This is very dangerous and it will probably increase the glare to ur eyes,and if I were u,I would never do that kind of silly thing.
  • Randy C

    Yes, wearing polarized sunglasses is good for them to shield eyes. In fact, Ray ban aviator sunglasses( are made to provide eye protection for pilots during World War II. So, i can't say they should wear polarized sunglasses, but wearing polarized sunglasses are surely benefit for their eyes. And there is a type of pilots sunglasses.

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