Should i wear contacts before eye exam?

Our school will have an eye exam tomorrow, can I wear my contacts before that?
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  • cook

    OMG,why you want to wear your contacts to your eye exam? You should relax, it is just an eye exam. And only through that exam can make you realize what your situation now is. And in an eye exam, you will rest assured if your eyes are fine. Once your eyes are not that fine, you can get immediate treatment. Don' t feel ashamed on yourself in you have a poor vision, after all, it is not your fault. It is a good thing to face your own problem, don' t you think so?
  • Michael anderson

    There are tow types of eye exam, and whether you wear lense will depend which type of exam you are having. Honestly, you are suggested to take off you contacts before the eye exam. If you want to know the real power of your eyes , you'd better not wear them . Thus if you wear contacts you will get a false result of that. You will get the corrected visual acuity. I guess you don't want that. So you are proposed to take off you contacts as it is benefit for your health.
  • Jessica

    Well, it looks like you are going to take an eye exam for something. As you know, such exam requires that your eyes are physically relaxed and ok. So it would be wise for you not to get your eyes strained, and you should try to take the exam early in thr morning, for then your eyes are quite suitable for checkups. Thus, you should get there without wearing your contact lenses. Good luck!
  • Armand

    It's actually up to you. If the result of the eye exam is of great importance, you can wear contact lenses to have a test. The precondition is that the doctor or tester won't ask you to take them off when testing your vision. You need to bring the contact lenses case and solutions with you just in case.

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