Should i get tinted glasses?

I am a current computer user. Also i need eyeglasses for vision aids. So, i wonder shall i get my eyeglasses tinted so as to protect my eyes from harsh and reflective light from computer screen? Any idea?
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  • Mii

    It's up to you. If you often wear your eyeglasses in any occasion, you'd better not tint the eyeglasses. In fact, you are not suggested to wear tinted eyeglasses in room that may cause dilated pupils and cause easily eye tiredness. But if you just want to wear your eyeglasses for seeing computer, you can tint your eyeglasses lenses for eye protection. And in common, bright colored eyeglasses frame are recommended.
  • Mackenzie rose

    If you want to buy computer glasses that wearing to shield the eyes from harsh and reflective light from computer screen, you can get your eyeglasses lenses tinted. They tinted lenses can provide you more comfortable vision than clear lenses when you see computer screen. You can have a try.

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