Should I buy a polarized sunglasses or non-polarized one?

What should I choose?A polarized sunglasses or non-polarized one?
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Answers (2)

  • Ariana oliver

    It depend on what you use for the sunglasses. If you seldom wear sunglasses and just want them to shield the eyes in the sun, a pair of common sunglasses (non-polarized sunglasses) can satisfy you. But if you often go out and drive, or if you often go to fishing or some outside activities, you are suggested to buy polarized sunglasses for a better eye protection.
  • Brandon cook

    Actually,both is okay.But u had better choose sunglasses with good uv protection.I know that a lot of people think that sunglasses with polarized lenses can protect eyes better.But actually not.Polarization is very good because it can help u to see better down into the water.If u just want to get a pair of daily sunglasses.I think non-polarized sunglasses will be fine.

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