Brandon cook

Is Vaseline good for dark circles under eyes?

My friend recommends me to use vaseline to get rid of my dark circles under eyes.Is that useful?
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  • Chelsey

    I am afraid of not.But I do know that vaseline is very good for skin.It can also help you to get rid of the bags under your eyes as well.But I don't think it can also remove your dark circles under your eyes.First of all,you have to know the reasons that cause dark circles.There are allergy, alcohol,stress,lack of sleep and so on.What vaseline can do is just to moist your skin and make it smooth.It doesn't have that function.You can pay attention to the main reasons and then find the right way to deal with your dark circles.Or you can also go to the expert to get some advice and some solutions.Don't worry,everything will be fine.
  • greg t

    Yeah,vaseline is a good choice for removing dark circles as well as getting rid of eye bags.Actually vaseline is from the family of Petrol gasoline.So you had better not use it in your daily use.But what I heard more about vaseline in people's daily life is that it is good for make people's skin moisture and smooth.If you want to reduce your dark circles in a safe way,you can go to the counters to buy some professional eye cream.Actually,the best ways to get rid of your eye circles are going to bed early,having a healthy diet and do regular exercise every day.Don't just count on vaseline or other eye cream.The best ways are always the most natural ways.

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