Is there a natural cure for eye herpes?

I am wondering if there is a natural cure for my eye herpes. I really need help.
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  • Nat

    There is no doubt this is a kind of eye infection and you really need to be alert. Although it is not a serious eye infection, it probably will go worse if you don' t take care of it seriously. This is not that simple, okay? Herpes can even live in your nerves for years without arising your attention. If you don' t deal with this in time, the number of virus may be increasing, you know. And that is why I always tell my friends and my family that anything in relation with our eyes should not be ignored. The only fastest and most effective way to remove your eye herpes should be led by drugs, I suppose. Of course you can also go to your eye doctors for consulting more information.
  • Jeff

    It is really bad to suffer herpes in the eyes. And the treatments are varies based on the type of herpes. So, you shall consult an eye doctor first so as to decided what type of herpes you suffer. And in common, Antibiotics used to battle the virus of herpes eyes. Also, steroids are often used to manage inflammation so as to treat herpes. Anyway, it make no sense to ask treatment her since we don't know what types of herpes your are and what's your eye condition. You need a eye doctor if you want to cure it.

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