Is reading while lying down bad for eyes?

I love reading while lying on the bed.Is that bad for my eyes?
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Answers (2)

  • Wendy

    There is no doubt that reading while lying down on the bed is bad for your eyes.Think of this,when you lying down with a book facing to you,the light will be covered by your book.It means that you can't get enough light to read books,which is harmful to your eyes and pushing you to be shortsightedness.Secondly,you can't hold the right distance between you and your book if you lie down on the bed,which is no doubt accelerating your bad eyesight.If you keep this bad habit for a long time,your vision will be affected.You had better correct your bad habit.Good luck to you!
  • Jeff

    Ok, that is a good question, I think you must be really concerning about your eye health. Anyway, it is true, reading in bed would definitely do harm to your eye health, because the wrong gesture make your eyes unable to relax and you would feel tired soon. And you would feel fatigued after a while. So i suggest that you quit that habit and take care of your eye health. A good lamp also helps with your eyes.

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