Michelle percy

Is justlenses com reliable?

This morning I saw the advertisement of justlenses.com. It seemed very good. Does anyone know about justlenses?
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  • Shelby rodney

    It is said that justlenses mainly sell contacts. But they include a large range of contact lens brands. And their lenses can be designed for you if you have certain vision problems such as astigmatism, presbyopia and so on. So you can get what you want there. Besides, you can get the exact prescription you need. Besides, their shipping time can be very flexible according to your requirement. Of course different delivery time is decided by your freight. Is that clear?
  • charger101

    It will be a wonderful choice for you, I think. They have a wide selection for your choice and you can save up to 70% if I don' t remember wrong. You know what amazed me most? They can refill my contacts according to my requirement without any mistakes. As to their shipping policy, i am also very satisfied. You can choose to get your contacts received within one day, two days or five to seven days. In a word, it can be a good option for you.

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