Is it safe to wear non prescription glasses?

I got a pair of non prescription glasses from my friends, they look very cute. But I am not sure if I could wear them. Will they be harmful to my eyes?
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  • Noah rupert

    No, it won't harm your eyes at all. Non prescription glasses don't have corrective lenses won't affect your vision in the least. You can see that, many people who has perfect vision wear non prescription sunglasses for years without developing any eye problem. What's more, they can even shield harm rays or light if there is an anti-ultraviolet coating. Therefore, you don't need to worry for this at all. Just enjoy your fashionable look with non prescription glasses.
  • garcia

    Well, abosultely they will not hurt you because I own two pairs of fake glasses and I wear them in turn daily. There are various colors on the market so that you are easy to create a new image by wearing total different colors. People always wear them for fun. We can take sunglasses for example. Sunglasses have been recognised as a staple in the fashion world due to their designed and distinct style make us fascinating. Retro vintage styles favors me most and make me more matured. While, those of large rubber coated clear wayfarer glasses younger me. Also, the glasses of combination of functionality and style are more available to me, due to my deep prescription.

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