Is it safe to use eye drops as contact solution?

I am told that I can use my eye drops to replace my contact solution sometimes, is that true?
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  • erinpoo130

    I suppose not. But it will be ok if you just use eye drops as contact solution for one or two nights. We all know that eye drops are designed for curing eye diseases, however, you have to know that contact solution is for keeping your contacts moist and clean. They are designed for different things, although they finally get into eyes. You should be careful with this. Eye drops may make your contacts moist, but they can not kill the bacteria on your contacts. This is all I can help you, good luck!
  • Judy

    Well, you had better not do this. According to my sister, who is an eye doctor, she told me that most eye drops have chemicals and they will not do good to your contacts. However, certain eye drops can have this function. Pure saline drops can do this well. You had better use eye drops to replace contacts solution in case of an emergency, for your own sake. By the way, contacts solution always contains chemicals to kill the bacteria on your contacts, however, your eye drops don' t.
  • Jackson rose

    Ok, looks like you have to use eye drops as your contact solution. However, may I remind you that, contact lenses solution is quite different from eye drops, for eye drops are drug and eye drops would slightly damage your lenses. If you really are running out of solution, you could temporarily get some normal saline to soak your lenses before you finally get some solution from an optical store.
  • cecil

    Yes, it is true. Eye drops can lubricate the eyes without any damage.It won't do any harm to your eyes if you use eye drops as contact lenses. You need to keep all the tools and solutions sterile. But I do suggest you not do so. Contact lense solution has its own special ingredients to remove the protein deposits on your contacts and disinfect them. While eyedrop most serves as an eye lubricant and won't work well in disinfection and cleaning.
  • Arianna walker

    I do not where do you get that idea from, but I am here to tell you that it is not true. It is a whole lot of nonsense. Sometimes people may run out of their contacts solution, but they forget to buy some new solution. Then people may want to find something else replace their contacts solution to get themselves out of the emergency. And it is such a natural thing that people will firstly think of their eye drops, because they can use eye drops in their eyes, they would think that the eye drops will not harm their contacts. Actually, it is not correct, because the our eye drops often contain many kinds of special chemicals, but our contacts are made from some special materials, and the chemicals in the drops can ruin our contacts. By the way, you should also not soak your contacts in the water. Because it make you get infected eyes if you do that.

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