Is it safe to clean glasses with rubbing alcohol?

Is it ok to clean sunglasses lenses with rubbing alcohol?
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Answers (2)

  • Dawn C.

    Yes, you can use alcohol to clean your glasses. But you shall not let tour eyeglasses rinse in the water contain alcohol in a long time. You shall clean and wash the sunglasses in a quickly way. Also, i heard that warm water are better for cleaning sunglasses. If there are something dirty on your sunglasses and you can't clean it, you can sue some mild soap water to clean it.
  • Alexia gerard

    This is okay but I really don't suggest u to do so.Of course when u run out of ur washing stuff,u may have a try.I have heard that rubbing alcohol can also be very useful when cleaning glasses.Just one problem,it can't rinse the dirty stuff on ur glasses.So u still have to use those professional stuff to finish this.That is why I still suggest u not to use this.

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