Is it ok to use expired eye drops?

Recently, I find that I have some expired drops at home. Is it ok if I go on using them? I don' t want to waste them.
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Answers (2)

  • Kevin lee

    Of course it will not be ok. Think about this, nothing will be good to use if they are overdue, let alone your eye drops. If you use the expired eye drops, you seem to place your eyes at the risk of getting infected. Maybe you save the value of a bottle of eye drops, but you just spend much more money in dealing with your infected eyes. You know, eyes are the windows to our heart. You can' t afford the results that those windows get damaged. So I strongly suggest you to buy a new bottle of eye drops. DO NOT USE THE EXPIRED ONES.
  • Barbara Mellon

    You can' t do that! Are you kidding me??? Let me tell you what will happen next. Your eyes will get infected in no time or in a few hours. I don' t think you are willing to risk your eyes for just a small bottle of expired eye drops. Especially when you use the medical eye drops, this situation will become even worse. Let me tell you one thing, when your eye drops get expired, bacteria is already in there and a lot of chemicals hs changed. This will lead to an increasing growth od side effects. Get it? I strongly recommend you not to do that.

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