Is it ok to clean contact lenses with vinegar?

It is said that we can clean our contact lenses with vinegar. Is that true? Will vinegar ruin my lenses?
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  • Christina

    It sounds really weird to me you want to use vinegar to wash your contact lenses. As a matter of fact, contact lenses are really delicate and could not be compatible with acid stuff such as vinegar. Why not get some contact lenses solution for help, which is healthy and proper. Of course it would probably ruin your lenses. Just follow the instructions recommended.
  • Brian Clem

    It seems ok. But I don' t suggest you to do that too often. Vinegar can help clean the food spots on your lenses quite easily but in the meanwhile, the volatility in the vinegar will affect the property of your lenses. You should be careful with that. However, I still recommend you to clean them with your contact solution first. By the way, if you insist using vinegar to clean your contact lenses, I suggest you to use pure white vinegar. Which is good for cleaning as well as killing the bacteria. The method is quite easy. You just need to soak your contact lenses into the pure white vinegar for about 30 min and then take them out. Don' t wear them at once. You still have to soak them into the contact solution for some time, and then you can wear them. I hope this can do a favor to you.
  • Kelly

    Technically, it is not true, which means that you cannot clean your contact lenses with vinegar. We all know that sometimes vinegar can be used as the fungicide. But we should also know that vinegar is acidic and caustic. However, contact lenses are all made of hydrophilic materials. So vinegar can corrode your contact lenses and you may also feel uncomfortable when you are wearing contact lenses after you cleaned your lenses with vinegar. By the way, do not casually use eye drops when you are wearing lenses because some drops can also corrode your lenses unless drops the doctor gives you to use.
  • gerard

    No, you had better not do that. First of all, the protein on your contact lenses won't be cleaned by vinegar. As a result, you may have blurred vision like being veiled, if you clean your contact lenses with vinegar. Secondly, your eyes may sting when you put on the contact lenses which has vinegar leftover on them. Lastly, some chemical inside your contact lenses may react to the acid of vinegar, resulting in unexpected outcome. In a word, think twice before you do this.

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