Jocelyn david

Is it normal to have blurry vision after using ipad ?

My son always complains to me that he has got blurry vision recently. I am wondering if it is because he keeps playing ipad that often?
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  • Brandon evelyn

    Lately, smart phones and ipad have become really popular among youngsters. They spend too much time on it. At the meantime, there are more and more teen-agers getting vision problems. So I guess there is a good chance that your son got blurry vision problem from playing ipad too often. You can ask him to take a good rest and buy him some eye drops. You should also limit his playing time during that period. If he is much better after a few days from rest, then he should not stare too much at any screens for his own good.
  • erraticgothles

    Look what we have got, an ipad addict I suppose. As a matter of fact, it is true bad use of eyes such as longtime exposure of your eyes to ipad would be harmful, leading to blurry vision and decreased eyes. I mean, your assumption is absolutely right, so you should limit his use of ipad and pay attention to his health.
  • Adriane

    It is quite normal. After staring any digital screen, blurry vision may occur, however, it does not last so long. Digital screen can produce UV light which is bad for our eyes and iris. Also, playing computer or ipad in a long time, your eyes may feel tired and even fatigue. Excissive using of eyes may be easy to lead to slow down brain work. When images cannot be recieved by mirrors, blurry vision and double vision occur easily.

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