Isabel cook

Is it normal that you get flashes of light in eye after cataract surgery?

I had my cataract surgery and now I can usually get flashes of light in eye, why does that happen?
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  • williams

    Well, as the cataract surgery have penetrated the eye's surface and reduced your corneal nerve sensitivity so that your eyes will be lean to decrease the eye blinking and the production of tears. As a result your eyes will in a vulnerable situation because of eye dryness and need a certain time for recovery. As we all know, our body systems will deteriorate with ages, so does our immune system. Further, I assume that the flashes of light may be a short-term discomforts post the surgery. However, if it lasts and does not get better after a long time recovery, it is wise to head to your surgeons and consult with them to see if you need another surgery. By the way, it is essential to develop a healthy life style.
  • evelyn

    When the vitreous body is dragging retina, you may feel flashes. This may occur in several weeks or months. If the flashes of light appear in your eyes, it is a sign of instability of vitreous body. You have a chance of retinal detachment. Please have more rest and avoid manual work. You can have some sea weeds to help relieve this situation. However, you still need to consult a doctor as soon as possible and have your retina checked.

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