Is it normal for my blue eyes with a brown spot?

This morning I found there was a brown spot in my eyes, is this okay? By the way, I have blue eyes.
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Answers (2)

  • Katelyn owen

    Calm down, super normal. Actually, I have had this situation for years but as you can see, I am still very fine now. This happens to a lot of people and you really don' t need to worry too much. Once I had the same worries as you did so I went to my eye doctor and I got the reply that there was no problem. In fact, this happens a lot to people who especially have light colored eyes. And it is said that this situation is usually caused by the changing size of your pupil size. It is definitely not an eye disease, just relax, okay?
  • James taylor

    It may caused by eye floaters. As we know, eye floaters have many different sizes and shapes including dots and lines. Sometimes, you may try to catch them, but you will find it is difficult to stare at them. In fact, if you don't care about it, it will go and won't affect your vision. Eye floaters are common problems for most of people with poor vision. But they are harmless. They just come and go themselves.

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