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Is it necessary to have prescription glasses with UV protection?

Is it necessary for the prescription glasses to have UV protection? Or do I just need to buy another pair of sunglasses?

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  • Sherri H

    It is always such a matter for people who wear prescription glasses when they also need to wear sunglasses, because they cannot see things clearly if they wear sunglasses without any prescription, but they cannot have their eyes protected if they choose to wear a pair of regular prescription glasses without any UV protection. It is not necessary for you to have a pair of prescription glasses which also have the UV protection at the same time. However, if your prescription glasses also have the UV protection, it will save you much trouble. Actually, with the improvement of glasses producing, many prescription glasses can be made with the function of UV protection. And they are not as expensive as before. Therefore, it is not necessary, but it is better for you to have prescription glasses with UV protection.
  • Zoe

    Yes, it is essential for every pair of glasses to have the UV-blocking coatings as the possibility of retina burns caused by the intensive sunlight and some other bad lights like UV lights. The side effects of long time exposure to sun have been proven to be associated with the skin cancer and some eye-related diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration because our eyes react fiercely to our body changes. At first, you can consult with your optician to see if your glasses have the build-in anti-UV coatings. If so, you do not need to buy another pair of sunglasses, if not, you had better buy one. In my opinion, although it may have some invisible coatings of our glasses, both of us still need another pair of sunglasses as they seems may reliable.
  • walkingnreverse

    Yes, it is necessary for you to wear the prescription glasses to have uv protection. Thus the glasses could help your eyes protect from the uv rays and bad lights under the strong sun light. At the same time, you could see things clearly and own the good vision. If you have such eyeglasses, you could use it in two uses. It is perfect.

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