Is it free to fix a broke glasses at Walmart?

I broke my eyeglasses by an accident. I bought them from Walmart. No insurance. Can i go there to fix it for free? Or Can i get the eyeglasses fixed in other eyeglasses shop. If so, Where?
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Answers (2)

  • emo_pain_818

    In common, it is really difficult to fix a broken eyeglasses. If you just got loose or lost screws, they probably tighten your frames. Or if you got dirty eyeglasses, they may clean for you for free. But if you broken the lenses or frame, it is difficult to fix them. And i don't think walmart will fix them for free. Anyway, you can have a try.
  • manny

    Well,I don't think walmart will charge for fixing ur broke glasses.But if they can't assure u that they can fix for u successfully.U know,if u fail to fix them,u have to buy a new pair.Or u can also get a bottle of superglue in walmart and fix ur broken glasses urself.Actually,I haven't bought glasses from walmart for a long time and I am also unsure if they can still fix ur glasses for free.U had better go to a local walmart to consult for this.

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