Christopher giles

Is it bad to wear reading glasses all day?

I am close to fifty years old,but I already begin to wear reading it bad to wear reading glasses all day?
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  • castro_jan

    Yeah,sort of.Wearing reading glasses all day will give you blurred vision.You know,reading glasses are mainly designed for reading and computers, if you wear them all day,I don't think you will feel good.However,you can also go to your doctor for some suggestions.But I do suggest you not to wear reading glasses all day,after all,you should cherish your own eyes.Hope this works.
  • Jessica Stevenson

    Actually,it will not be too bad,but I doubt that whether you can see things clearly if your wear your reading glasses for such a long time.First of all,you should know that reading glasses is used for presbyopia.You may feel nothing when you wear your glasses for shortsightedness,that is coz of hyperopia.But wearing reading glasses for long will make your vision worse and sometimes you may even get a headache or a eyestrain.what is worse,you will squeeze your eyes out of shape.I hope you can understand what I am talking about.
  • Daniel christian

    It is not bad to wear reading glasses all day. But if you are using reading glasses to read a book for a whole day, you may suffer from tiredness and eye strain. Many senior citizens will put the reading glasses in their pocket and take it out when they need to read some magazines or other stuffs. So I think you can take off your reading glasses when you are not using them.

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