Is it bad to wear glasses that aren't your prescription?

I broken my eyeglasses. And my classmate have two pairs of eyeglasses. I tried. It seems it can help me see better. Can i wear it? Or it is harm to the eyes if i wear the eyeglasses that are not made according to my prescription?
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  • Alexa joyce

    yes, it is bad to wear eyeglasses that aren't your prescription. Even if you have similar prescription, you have different PD to your classmate. perhaps you feel nothing when you wear his/her eyeglasses for a while, if you wear them for a long time, you may suffered from eye pain. I have meet such problem before after wearing my boyfriend's eyeglasses. So, please not wear your classmate's eyeglasses for the sake of your eye health. You should buy a new pair of prescription eyeglasses yourself.
  • warren

    It is not good for the eyes to wear eyeglasses that aren't made for your prescription. Even if you feel nothing uncomfortable when you wear it, chronic wearing them will make your eyes adapt to the eyeglasses lenses. That is ti say, it is probably make your eyesight more serious if you wear wrong prescription eyeglasses.

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