Is it actually possible to sleep with your eyes open?

I know this counds creepy, but I really want to know if I can sleep with my eyes open.
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  • Former Employee

    Well, I guess it would be very useful for you especially when you are at work or at school. If I were you, I would also rather learn this skill so that I could also have a small break when I an working. For these purposes, you had better keep kind of aware during yout sleep because if you sleep too deep, your eyes will be very hard to open. Besides, you also should choose a position that can help you to keep your eyes wide open while sleep. Hahaha, that is really very funny, and you had better ask some professional guys.
  • Victor

    Well, I suppose that you Had better not do that. Maybe you do not know that sleep with your eyes open can be very hramful to your eyes cuz your eyes can not get enough rest while you are sleeping and I do not deem it good. In most cases, this is causes by a kind of sleep problems such as sleep walking and sleep disorder. These are really very common and normal but I still do not suggest you to do that. For your eyes sake, you need to stop planning like that.

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