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Is i have astigmatism should i wear glasses all the time?

I have astigmatism. I wear my glasses only when studying. Do I need to wear my glasses all the time?
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Answers (2)

  • David cook

    I am sorry to tell you that you are right. Your astigmatism will become worse if you don' t wear glasses all the time. And by the way, I bet you will not feel comfortable if you don' t wear glasses. Because you will have a blurred vision without glasses, and what is worse, you may have a dizzy feeling. I don' t think you will like this feeling. At least, wearing them will help you a lot in your daily life.
  • John Rodriguez

    Right, you should wear them all the time except when you are sleeping. They can help you see things properly. People with astigmatism often get bad headaches without their glasses. If you really don' t want to wear glasses,why not just wear contact lens instead of glasses. I think that will make you feel relaxed. You can' t take astigmatism as a small problem, but it can be easily corrected by eyeglasses, contact lens and surgery.

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