Is aloe vera good for dark circles?

I have very dark circles under my eyes. My friend recommends me to use aloe vera. Is it good for my dark circles?
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  • Beth

    Yep, aloe vera is very good for dark circles. As we all know, aloe vera is quite good to people' s skin, and it is of great use. It helps your skin be moisture and smooth. Because it contains rich vitamin amino acids, mineral treasure. It is a best natural make up for your skin. There is also one thing you should know about is that your dark circles may be caused by a few reasons, But I assure yours is caused by a lack of sleep, am I right? If you don' t sleep well or don' t have enough sleep, the blood circulation will be bad, which will lead to a blood congestion. Try to apply some aloe vera to the skin around your eyes and then give your eyes a cold compress. I am sure you will get an amazing result if you insist doing this. Hope this helped.
  • Kelly Dalton

    Aloe vera has been proved to contain rich vitamins such as vitamins A, C, B12 and vitamin E. It can help the skin of your eyes recover to your younger age' s. According to I, it not only can help reduce your dark circles but also your fine wrinkles. Aloe vera is supported by all ages of women. It is good for maintaining collagen of the skin. And it is very very natural. However, there are still some people who are allergic to aloe vera. Spoken of the function of aloe vera, it can also help moist the skin around your eyes and make your skin emollient. By the way, aloe can replace the vulnerary to heal the wounded and the burning part. They can help to reduce the infection. I wish this could help you.

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