How to treat sore eyes in children?

Yesterday my daughter told me that she felt her eyes very sore. Can anybody give me some suggestions to treat children' s sore eyes? Thanks!
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  • cocky_bitch

    First of all, you should know that sore eyes are very common in children. Coz children are too young to realize how important hygiene is. They usually rub their eyes with their dirty hands or play in a dirty place and so on. You know, sore eyes are actually conjunctivitis, and it can do harm to our health. But don' t worry too much, I have some good ideas for you. Firstly, you can give your daughter a warm compress. You should prepare a soft and clean towel and some warm water, then you can apply the warm and wet towel to her eyes. Insist doing this for some days, I bet your daughter will be fine soon. However, if your daughter has following symptoms such as red eyes, watery eyes and itchy eyes, then you should be very careful. You should take her to the doctor in case of a serious eye infection. Good luck!
  • Michelle

    Well, looks like there is something wrong with your daughter's health. Because the fact is that, children simply don't get an eye strain you see. And sore eyes would be derived from a lack of sleep, overwork, too much game or TV show, also, some vitamins and healthy foods should be taken into account. Anyway, I suggest that you take your kid to see an eye doctor and figure out what needs to be done in order to recover her problem.
  • Gabriel leonard

    In most cases, sore eyes is also known as pink eye. It can be caused by allergies. In other conditions, she may get sore eye result from stress to the muscle around eyes. As for this kind of situations, it usually goes by it own. However, pink eyes need to pay more attention. Here are some tips for you to take. 1: You can drop eye drops to her eyes, it is effective. 2: Apply to baby shampoo to wash her eyes, it can relieve her pain. 3: Let her take enough sleep, avoid too long time on computers. 4: It is suggested to use a cold compress on her eyes. 5: You can wash her eyes with cold water in the morning to clear out the bacterium. Apart from these measures, you notice her living habit. Do not share towels with each other. You should let her keep away from infected people. Do not rubbing eyes with her hands and so on.
  • elbcoastboy

    Well, try a clean and warm compress, which is said to be useful to a lot of eye injuries and eye diseases. But I have to remind you that this way can only relive your child' s sor eyes instead of curing them. Besides, you can make a homemade eye patch. If you are free, try to use cucumber as the material. Lol. Flush your eyes with warm and pure milk every day, maybe three times a day. But you need to stop doing this when your kid is better. It is just a waste of milk, lol. How about my ways?

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