Erin rupert

How to tighten glasses with plastic frames at home ?

I got a pair of new plastic framed eyeglasses. But they are too big to my face. Is there anything that i can do to tighten my glasses?
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Answers (2)

  • John clark

    Personally, it is really difficult task to tighten your plastic eyeglasses frame because of the big size. If the frame is just a little bigger than your head, maybe you can use ear pieces to help you keep the eyeglasses on your nose. If the plastic eyeglasses are too big to your face, there is no way better than buying a pair of new and proper sized plastic eyeglasses if you want to get comfortable wearing.
  • Tessence

    The frame size is the same as your shoes sizes. If the plastic eyeglasses are not your size, it is really hard to tighten it to fit for your face. So, if i were you, i will ask for a return or refund, Or i will require them give me a new pair of suitable sized eyeglasses frame. If the frame is not too big for your face, perhaps an optician can help you adjust it. Hope this can help you.

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