How to test How to test sunglasses uv protection at home?

How can I test my sunglasses uv protection at home?
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  • Sharron Green

    It is not easy to test if the sunglasses provide UV protection. In most cases, we judge if they are UV blocking lenses from their instruction or labels. If there are characters like "UV", "'UV 400", "99% UV", the lenses can protect the eyes from UV rays. Of courses, you may be cheated if you just judge the sunglasses from their instruction. So You'd better buy your UV protection sunglasses from big shopping mall or some famous and reputation eyeglasses shop.
  • garcia

    R u kidding me?There is absolutely no way u can make that.But I think people who work in a professional optical store may have some good ways to aid u to make that.May I know why u want to do this.According to what I know,most sunglasses,even very cheap sunglasses,have uv protection more or less.U may worry too much about this.By the way,if u really want to know about this,u can only send ur sunglasses to ur local optical store and there is no other way.

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