How to tell the difference between plastic and polycarbonate lenses for eyeglasses?

I want to buy a pair of good eyeglasses. And the one of my friend said that polycarbonate lenses are better than common plastic lenses. So, i want to get a pair of eyeglasses polycarbonate lenses. But can i have no idea about the lenses. What is the difference between plastic and polycarbonate lenses?
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  • Joseph campbell

    Yes, polycarbonate lenses are better than plastic lenses. In fact, polycarbonate lenses are usually applied to sports goggles to shield the eyes. And polycarbonate lenses are 10 times impact-resistant than common plastic lenses. Besides, the polycarbonate lenses have UV protection themselves. So, It is a good idea to try them. And consult the optician if they are polycarbonate lenses.
  • hanes3777

    Okay,personally,I think the differences r very obvious and I would love to tell u them.First of all,u should know that plastic lenses r thicker and heavier than polycarbonate lenses.Besides,regular plastic lenses r not shatter-proof.As to polycarbonate lenses,they r relatively thinner and shatterproof.I think all of these r suitable to me and they just can make me feel comfortable when wearing them.

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