How to tell if your prescription glasses are too strong?

How can you tell if your glasses are too strong? What happens if your glasses are too strong?
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  • walkwithmir

    It is very easy to tell. If your prescription glasses are too strong, you can' t watch through your glasses clearly and you will not feel comfortable, and in another words, you will feel very dizzy. Do not think that you can wear the over-strong prescription glasses, your vision will even become worse than before. So choosing a pair of right glasses is very important. Take good care of your eyes and pick up a good pair of glasses. I wish this could help you.
  • Isabel

    Usually, if people get stronger prescription glasses, they can't get better focus through the lenses. Besides, in most of cases, people may get blurry vision, headache and dizziness when wearing strong prescription eyeglasses. So, if you have above symptoms when you wear your new eyeglasses, you probably get strong lenses. Just visit your optician and get another new and suitable one.

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