How to tell if they are titanium eyeglasses frames?

When i pick up eyeglasses, i find a pair of metal eyeglasses. They look nice. But it is expensive, the optician explain that the eyeglasses are made of titanium. How can know that the eyeglasses are made if titanium ? Any idea?
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  • Ana evelyn

    Really titanium eyeglasses frames are very durable. And if you bend the eyeglasses frame, real titanium eyeglasses can return at least 98% of it's original shape. If the eyeglasses frame can't reshape themselves after you bend them, it is not real titanium eyeglasses frame. Hope this information can help you to distinguish real titanium eyeglasses frame. Good luck.
  • Jordan smith

    Friend, I can tell you some features of titanium frames. First, they are durable. They can resists breakage under normal use. But you cannot know this at the beginning, because the seller will not allow you to break them for a try. Second, they are corrosion resistant. Third, they are lighter in weight than common glasses. Now you can have a try. Titanium frames do not weigh heavily on ears and the nose. do you feel more comfortable when wearing them compared with other glasses? Fourth, they do not contain nickel, so they will not cause allergies.

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