How to tell if Michael Kors sunglasses are fake?

What should I do to tell if my Michael Kors sunglasses r fake?
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  • elen_t

    Sometimes, it is really difficult to tell the real Michael Kors sunglasses since some fake Michael Kors sunglasses are made almost the same as the real one. But you shall know that you never expected to get famous brand sunglasses like Michael Kors sunglasses at a very cheap price. So, the price of the Michael Kors sunglasses can help you preliminary estimate the sunglasses. Besides, you shall check the logos on the frame and package. In addition, you shall check the model number at their websites and make a contrast so as to know if they are the same.
  • Steve

    Yeah,this always bothers a lot of people.As u may know,there r so many fake sunglasses in the market right now.Famous brands such as rayban,channel and so on.Those are really very wonderful sunglasses.I am a little curious that which type of Michael Kors sunglasses do u like: of all,check their serial numbers and then try to compare the quality with the description of the real products.

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