Nathan harris

How to tell if glasses have anti glare coating?

I bought a pair of glasses for my daughter yesterday, and the seller told us that the glasses were expensive for its anti glare coating. How to tell if my daughter' s glasses have that?
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  • Diane Bradstock

    It is very easy to tell, dear. Glasses having anti glare coating can reflect different colors when being placed under the light. You can have a try. Trust me, it is worth costing you a lot coz it is much more helpful to your eyes. It can help you reduce the glare. If you have sensitive eyes, then I will recommend you to have this anti glare coating on your glasses. It is proved that glare from your computer and sunlight can increase the risk of myopic.
  • easilyfixed

    If you look carefully, you will find that there is a green sheen on the surface of your glasses. However, if your lens shines white, I am afraid of that your glasses may not have anti glare coating. You have the right to go to the store to require them to make a new pair for you. It is very necessary for you to have an anti glare coating on your glasses. They are very useful in helping your eyes. Does your daughter spend a lot of time in front of the computer? If she does, she needs glasses having anti glare coating coz the computer can produce the harmful glare to her eyes. And the anti glare coating can also enhance your appearance in taking a photo, lol. You know that if wearing common glasses, people' s eyes can not be seen in a photo taking. Anyway, hope these could drive away your doubts.

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