Kyle kirk

How to stop your ski goggles from fogging up?

Can anybody tell me how to stop my ski goggles from fogging up? I plan to ski next week.
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  • Tessence

    All right, So I can see what annoys you now. As a matter of fact, it's true foggy lenses would seriously impede us from getting clear views and make our sports experience dangerous. Thus, I recommend that you try to get a pair of anti-fog lenses goggles. You can ask the shop to make a pair of special goggles for you. Or you could not prevent that from happening, temporature gaps always exist.
  • carolmck

    Well, first of all, don' t wear too much when you ski. You have to know that wearing too much will make your body to overheat while you're skiing. Naturally, your ski goggles will fog up easily. Just wear enough clothes, don' t worry about getting a cold. After all, your aim is to go skiing instead of sitting in the snow. Besides, you should wear your goggles before you go out to ski, which can help you to stay the same temperature. However, I think the easiest way is to add a layer of anti- fog to your lenses. Hmm, do you understand now?
  • Melanie gerard

    Fogging up of eyewears is often caused by acute temperature difference and a lack of space for vents between the eyes and the glasses. As you have mentioned, you would ski with this goggles. Of course, you can't leave space between your eyes and the goggles. Therefore, you need to apply a special layer to the lens of your goggles which can prevent fogging up. You can either buy anti-fog spray or apply a thin layer of teethpaste or soap to your goggles to make this layer.
  • walker67

    It really bothers people too much when they are skiing with their ski goggles on, and then all of a sudden, their ski goggles start to fog up. And I dare say that this kind of situation happens to a lot of people, and it is quite a normal one actually. But we also have ways to stop our ski goggles fogging up while we are using them. Our ski goggles wil fog up while we are using them because air outside the goggles is very cold, but air between the goggles and our faces is warm, and when cold air meets the warm air, we all now what will happen next. And that is why our goggles fog up. So we just need to make sure that there are gaps between goggles and our faces. Then air inside and outside will be the same. Besides, we can also try some antifogging agent to stop our goggles fogging up.

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