Caleb murphy

How to safely remove eye makeup after lasik?

Can anyone tell me that what I should do to remove my eye mankeup after lasik surgery? Pleasesss!!!
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  • hand_in__hand

    From what you said, I can see that you just came to take the surgery without getting off your eye makeups. And for sure, you are not allowed to let water into your eyes after the surgery. Anyway, my advice for you is to close your eyes tight, and wipe out the makeup with some dry tissues or soft cloth. Just be careful with it. And take care of your eye health afterwards.
  • Katelyn smith

    Actually, if it has not been a while after you had the lasik surgery, you should not have worn any eye makeup. Because your eyes need great care after the lasik surgery, especially from water or something that could get your eyes infected. But if you already did that, you must be really careful when you are trying to remove your eye makeup. Firstly, you need to choose some good makeup cleansing water and some clean and soft cotton pads and cotton buds. Then you need to moisten your cotton pads and buds with your cleansing water. Next you close one eye slightly and wipe the closed eye with the moistened cotton pads and buds gently. After the removal job is done, do not open your eye at once, wait a minute. And you can remove your eye makeup from the other eye following the same steps.

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