How to rest my eyes without sleeping?

I can only get few hours of sleep because of my work. But I want to know that how can I get my eyes relaxed without sleeping?
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  • Allen

    Hmm, it can be very easy. When you are having a break in your office, you can just close your eyes and think of something relaxed for a while. After working for a long time, you can go to the balcony to have a sit for a while, of course you should keep your eyes closed. Only five or six min can make you fall into sleep. And then you will be energetic again. Oh, right, do you know how to do eye exercise? It is very good for relaxing your eyes as well as help you correct your vision. If you don' t know how to do it, that is ok. You can just look up and down with a deep breath. Try it, they are very good for your eyes. That is all I can suggest to you, hope they worked.
  • Kelsey McNew

    Since you mentioned this, I have three interesting ways. First of all, don' t focus on anything when you are ready to rest your eyes. Which can help you sleep without your eyes closed. Remember not to move or not to look at anything when you try to make this work. Secondly, try to get lost in your thoughts, Your eyes will stop moving usually at this moment. But you should just think about something peaceful and nice, don' t recall the scene in a active movie, lol. The third way is to stop worrying about your surroundings, and what you should do is to try to ignore everything around you at that time. Otherwise this plan will fail. I use these ways hundreds of times, they make my eyes get a good rest all the time. Wish they could help you.

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