How to repair scratched polarized sunglasses?

Is there a way to fix scratched polarized sunglasses? How?

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  • Jocelyn griffin

    As far as I could know, there is no way to repair your scratched polarized sunglasses. But there is a home remedy that can make the scratches less noticeable. Hope the following instructions can help you. 1. You need clean your sunglasses with warm water, or maybe a little dish detergent. Then dry it with microfiber cloth. 2. Find something such as petroleum jelly, furniture polish, or non-abrasive white toothpaste to fill in the scratches. Of course, if you have coating of scratch remover polish, it would be better. 3. Use a microfiber cloth to rub the coating (or petroleum jelly, furniture polish etc) on the lenses in a circular motion way. Then, check if the scratches still noticeable or visible. If so, repeat the above process. 4. Clean your polarized sunglasses again with soapy water. To make sure get all the oily residue out of your sunglasses lenses. Then dry it with microfiber cloth.
  • walkingalone089

    Scratches on sunglasses leases are annoying. Unfortunately, there is no remedy for completely fixing the scratched polarized lenses. However, here comes one way to help you make these starched less obvious. First, clean your sunglasses with warm water and then use a mild soap or dish detergent to the lenses and rub it softly. After that, dry them with a microfiber cloth. Second, apply a coating of scratch remover polish to fill in the scratches. In this way, these scratches can be less obvious. Rub the coating in circle with a soft cloth until you find scratches become less noticeable. After that, wash your sunglasses with running water to remove the oily residue and then dry them. In order to avoid sunglasses scratches, it is important to protect them. Place them in a protective sunglasses case when you don't wear them. Keep them clean. When your sunglasses get dirty, you can clean them with warm water and use a soft cloth to dry them.

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