How to remove super glue from plastic lenses?

I smeared super glue on my glasses lens. How can i get super glue off my glasses lenses?
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  • consilium_capit

    It is not an easy problem to solve. After all, glasses are very fragile while super glue is quite stubborn. It depends on what kind of glasses do you have, glass lenses or plastic lenses. Don' t worry, I will help you. If your lenses are glass, you can use acetone to remove the sticky super glue, But if yours are plastic lenses, you also don' t need to panic. Just soak them in hot water and the glue will fall off itself. However, the best way yo remove super glue is to polish the lens with T-cut or some other types of polish, you may try them. Do not use toothpaste, it never works.
  • hill

    Remember do not use your nail to get rid of super glue on your glasses lens. That will ruin your lens. However, there are still some ways to figure it out. Prepare a cotton cloth and some alcohol, alcohol will make the glue become very soft and then you can just wipe it out with your cloth. It is kind of easy, isn' t it? And there is another way here. You can put your glasses in the fridge and let them become icy. After a while, after you take them out, you can use a cloth with hot water to clean it gently. Remember to be gentle. And this way always works. But what if it doesn' t, then you should go to an eyeglasses store for help.

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