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How to remove anti glare coating from eyeglasses?

What should I do if I want to remove anti glare coating from eyeglasses?
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  • walkerstalker2

    It depend on which type of eyeglasses lenses you have. If your eyeglasses lenses are plastic, there is no way to remove anti glare coating from the lenses except you dissolve the plastic lenses. If it is made of glass, you may remove the coating from the lenses. But you'd better ask an optician to do it or you may scratch the lenses. In fact, you needn't remove the anti glare coating from eyeglasses, they are good to protect the eyes from reflective light.
  • emily_109

    I suggest u not to do that urself.This is no safe for ur glasses.U had better take ur glasses to ur local optical store so that professional people there can help u.However,if u insist to do this urself,then I can only tell u some small tips.First of all,u need to tell me what kind of glasses u own now?Glasses lenses or plastic lenses?If what u own now is glasses lenses,then I can only recommend u to give up.Because this can be very dangerous for u.On the contrary,if they are plastic lenses,u can soak them into warm water for a while and then take them out.At that time,umay find it not hard to remove them from ur eyeglasses.

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