How to read an eyeglass prescription for reading glasses?

Does anyone know how to read prescription of reading glasses? This question has been confused me for a long time.

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  • Mike

    Usually the prescription of reading eyeglasses is shown by integer. You could just read through the number. It is so easy. The larger the number is, the deeper the prescription is. You need to protect the eyes carefully through the good habit of using your eyes and good rest for the eyes. You should read in the bright environment to let you see clearly and comfortable.

    First of all, you may need to learn a little Latin words to read the prescription notation, as opticians all over the world write prescription with standardized format of Latin words. OD is short for Latin words"oculus dexter" standing for the right eye. OS is short for"oculi uterque" representing the left eye. Other English abbreviations include: PD short for pupillary distance Cylinder means the astigmatism correction Sphere or DS refers to diopters sphere After you get to know the jargons, you can calculate with the numbers of units above. The number of the prescription without astigmatism is calculated like this: Power needed =Sphere number+ADD number
  • Sean

    Well, there are many numbers on the eyeglass prescription including CYL (cylinder, amount of lens power for astigmatism), SPH (Sphere, amount of lens power), prism( amount of prismatic power) and axis( added magnifying power). Both of them help to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness harmoniously. The figures of sphere, cylinder and add power appear in diopters and stable refractive diopters is very important for us to have a clear vision. For example, 'OS -1.00 -0.50 x 180 +2.00 add' means the left eye is prescribed -1.00 D SPH for myopia plus -0.50 D CYL for astigmatism correction. Besides, the '+2.00 add' means the correction of presbyopia. By the way, it is yours to keep your eyeglass prescription.

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