How to prevent red marks on nose from glasses?

Guys, have you ever found that every time you take off your glasses, there are always some red marks leaving on your nose? How to prevent them?
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  • Caroline

    All right, from what you said, I can see that you are annoyed by those red marks. Anyway, that is quite natural, for if you constantly wear glasses, the weight of the glasses would give rise to such red marks due to long term pressure. A lot of people complain about it. If you really want to get thing better. You should try not to wear glasses when possible. And give your eyes more time to rest and take care of your eye health in every aspect.
  • Kristin

    Yeah, I know how that looks like. Here I have some ways for you. I once heard that mixing dried orange peels into water can be useful to get rid of the red marks on your nose. First of all, you should mix them together until they are solid. Then apply them on your nose. Just a few min will make the red marks disappear. Another way is to apply some lotion to the red marks and then put on your glasses, which can reduce the pressure the nose pad bring to you. Hope this helps you.
  • Bob Witek

    First of all, you should know that it is normal that you leave red marks on your nose after you wear glasses. You can make your glasses tighter. Of course it is usually difficult for you to do at home, however, you can do it in an eyewear shop. I am sure they would love to help you. Usually, this situation happens when the weather is getting hot or when you are sweating, as you know, the rubbing will produce the marks. Or you can also considering changing the pads. Besides, I once heard that baby powder can relive this situation. Anyway, I wish this could do you a favor.
  • walkingalone121

    There are two possible causes for this: For one, the angle of your nose pads are not adjusted properly. You need to confirm with your optometrist and have it adjusted again. For the other, the frame is too tight. You need to have your optometrist loosen the earpieces. What can you do to prevent this: 1. Take off your eyeglasses at regular intervals. 2. Clean your eyeglasses thoroughly regularly.
  • cruelladeville0

    I know this side effect of wearing glasses. So far I see no effective way to prevent the red marks, which seem ugly. For me, the best way to avoid the two red marks is wearing contact lenses. From the first time that I wear contact lenses, I can' t help loving them. They are soft and comfortable, providing me a far clearer vision than that provided by glasses. There is no extra weight on nose bridge. I can so sports as I want. If you want to avoid the red marks, you can have a try of the contact lenses. If you wear glasses every day from morning to night, you might look strange or weird after taking off the glasses.

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