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How to make your plastic glasses fit better?

I bought a pair of plastic glasses yesterday afternoon. But I find them a little loose. What can I do to make them fit better? Help me, guys!
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  • Andrea

    There are some methods can be used as followed. Firstly, you can use a screwdriver to turn the screw clockwise and tighten it. Secondly, immerse the sunglasses arms in hot water for several minutes. The heat will make the plastic arms flexible so you can bend them into a properly shape. Then set the sunglasses into cool water and it will finalize its shape. You should be careful when bending them or it will break your sunglasses. Thirdly, you also check the nose pads. Menwhile, tighten and bend them in gentle pressure. I think what I said will help you.
  • b3mine_x3

    Spoke of this, the simplest way I can think of is that you take your glasses to the store where you bought them. This is a simple job for them, I think they will not say no to you. Or you can also do it yourself. As for me, I have done it may times. And I am quite skillful at that. So let me teach you some tips. First of all, you could use a small screwdriver to unscrew the arms from your glasses. Get your glasses to lay on the table with lenses towards the table and then you can adjust your glasses. If you want to make your glasses a little tight, just fasten them. Be careful when you do that, because of its material, you may break them easily.
  • Angelica christian

    First you should determine where it feels loose and uncomfortable. Before you start the adjustment, make sure the frames are warm (e.g: put them into warm water and dry with a hair dryer), so that it's easy to adjust. After that, gently bending the warmed temples inward. This will get the temple arms have a better grip on your head. Once you are satisfied with the adjustment, put the frame into cold water to set the plastic into the new shape.
  • Trinity

    Ok, from what you said, I see you have some trouble in wearing your glasses. It is true some glasses might not be suitable for our head size, however, most glasses on the market are adjustable, you could read the instructions of your glasses, or head directly to the optical store for help, ask for another pair or get them fixed to your head size. Take it easy, it would be fine.

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