Robert Lipman

How to make your eyes red for a long time?

I plan to meet my girlfriend tomorrow afternoon, but I have two lessons at that time. Are there any ways that can help me to make my eyes red? Then I can ask for sick leave, lol.
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  • Cassidy bell

    Aha, the easiest and most direct way is to wear red contacts. They will make your eyes look really sick. And you may also make yourself cry, because after crying, your eyes will usually appear very red. But I guess it may be a little difficult for a big boy to cry, lol. So we can use another way such as rubbing your eyes, which is a little risky coz you may get an eye infection and at that time, your eyes will be really red. Why not just arrange another time to date your girlfriend? It is a safe and responsible way.
  • Connor nelson

    Well, looks like you are going to sacrifice for your love bird. Nice, anyway, from what I know, it would not be easy to get that effect you know? Since some ways are quite risky and could do some harm to your eyes. However, I recommend that you try to stay up, which would make your eyes look red. But don't do anything stupid and hurt your eyes ok? Just ask for private leave, I recommend.
  • Marissa edward

    To ask for sick leave with an excuse of red eyes by making your eyes look red is a good idea. Because one cannot continue his classes if he has eye problems. And I have to admit that we’ve all been through with that. But if you decide to make a play, you’d better make it good enough, otherwise, you will be seen through by your teachers. So here are some good ways to make your eyes look red and your teachers will not doubt you at the same time. Firstly, you can try to use some eye drops because when you are using your eye drops and then blink your eyes, your eyes can look very red. But it will not last for a long time. So you’d better do it quickly. Secondly, you can try to rub your eyes for several times. It can also help you to make your eyes look red. Actually, there are many ways to ask for sick leave, say you can pretend to have a stomach ache.

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