Dylan duncan

How to make your eyes feel less tired?

I work for a long time every day, and that is why my eyes feel tired all the time. I want to know that how to make my eyes feel less tired.
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  • Alexia gerard

    Among all the reasons, the most important is to get enough sleep every day. If you are an adult, you need to sleep at least eight hours a day. And stay away from your computer as much as you can. I know that you have to work on the computer in the daytime. But when you get home, try to leave computer alone. If you have to use computer, just not be too close to it, ok? There is also another small tip for you. Try to wash your face frequently after you use your computer. And you can also go to the doctor for a bottle of mild eye drops, which will drive the tiredness away faster than other ways. I wish this could help you.
  • harris

    First of all, eating a healthy diet can do you a favour. Besides, nothing can replace a good sleep. Which is good for all over your body, not just your eyes. I bet you must spend a lot of time sitting in front of your computer. Then try not to do that or just cut the time. When you don' t need to use computer, try to do some eye exercise or go to the balcony to breathe some fresh air. You can also prepare a clean cloth in your office. When you feel really tired, give your eyes a cold compress. This is a good idea. A lot of people love trying that. It depends on you, but I think since you mentioned that you work a long time every day, what you need most is a good sleep at night.

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