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How to make eyes look less sunken in?

I have been wearing glasses for years and my eyes look sunken in, which makes me look less beautiful. What can I do to make my eyes less sunken in? Thanks!!!
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  • RJ

    To resolve the problem, we should find the causes of this problem. Wearing eyeglasses and sunken eyes has little revelance. The main reason is that people getting older and it is true that genetics play an important role in this condition. There are also other reasons such as dehydration, inadequate vitamin C and iron deficiency. So we can provide the correct methods with the causes. Firstly, try to keep a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition, not dieting. And take in lots of vitamin C with supplements or through fluids like orange juice. Secondly, you can disguises sunken eyes with makeup tricks. Clear up of heavy eyeshadows or it can emphasise the problem even more. Then apply a light eyeshadows to your upper eyelid. In addition, curl your eyelashes and add fake eayelashes to further. I think what I said will help you.
  • emmie18

    Actually, it not only happens after you wear your glasses for a long time, but also happens with your aging. But don' t panic, as you know, everything will have a way out. I have some home remedies for you to solve sunken eyes. You can apply some cucumber slices on your eyes. You may take it as a common way. But it really does a favor to a lot of eyes' problems. Besides, this way is totally safe and natural. Or you can also apply some raw potatoes to your eyes, which is more effective than cucumber. And you can also use eye shadow to cover your sunken eyes. But as you also know, eye shadow contains some chemicals that are bad for your skin. But it all depends on yourself.
  • Jordan smith

    All right, I quite understand what you think and how you feel. Don't worry, it is true longtime wearing glasses would give rise to a lot of problems, such as sunken eyes. I recommend that you try to wear less glasses and start to wear contact lenses alternately. Make sure you get enough sleep each day, and get some exercise on a regular basis. Hope you find this useful.
  • walkinalone

    You can turn to making up to compensate your sunken eyes. First of all, you need to fill in the creases around your eyes, as they make your sunken eyes look worse. With less wrinkles, the sunken eyes won't be as prominent. Secondly, you should apply eye brighter under your eyes to outline the ideal shape. Last but not the least, stop using dark eyeliners and eyeshadow, because they only make your eyes more sunken.

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