How to look good in big glasses ?

I have a small but chubby face. Can i wear big framed eyeglasses. will it look good on me?
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  • James green

    There are some people look really cute in big framed glasses. But as you described that you have a small but chubby face, big eyeglasses may not suit for you. It depends on how chubby of your face. If you just have a little chubby face, it is Ok to wear big framed glasses. And in common, the simple designed big glasses are better to compliment face such as big vintage round eyeglasses or squared eyeglasses frame. And Black colored frames are recommended to help you see better.
  • b3miine_x3

    To get a good look with big glasses, you shall choose simple designed eyeglasses frame. Beside, you's better tie up your hair. If you have bangs, the bang shall not too long that cover your eyes. Personally, you'd better leave sport extra-long fringe if you wear big eyeglasses frame so as to make you look more energetic. At last, the eyeglasses your wearing shall not too big since you have a small and chubby face. Good luck.

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