How to get rid of excessive eye boogers?

I seem to have excessive eye boogers all the time, what should I do? It really embarrasses me. Please help me.
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  • Carlos rodney

    Well, that is one of the popular problems we might get if our life is out of order. As a matter of fact, such excessive eye discharge could be regarded as a sign of health risks, which means that you have to take notice of your health now. Generally speaking, it is derived from inflamed eyes, disorder life and a lack of sleep, eye infections, in a word, the causes are various. So, you should get some eye drops and attach importance to your life and rest.
  • Karin

    The best way to get rid of them is to wash your face with a wash cloth when you first wake up. But according to what you said, your eyes is could be allergy. You can also try artificial tear drops that the lubricating drops. Use a couple of drops prior to going to bed, or there is lubricating ointment out there also. And use a couple of drops in the morning when you wake up. Also use the drops whenever during the day.
  • b3mine_x3

    Eye boogers are mostly formed from a combination of mucus, tears, dust and even skin cells from the eyelids. They are normal so you don't need to be worried. Eye boogers are more likely to form if your eye are dry. You can use eye drops to relief this symptom. However, if you continue to have excessive eye boogers, you may have an infection or allergy, and it's suggested that you should go to see a doctor.

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