Jordan Brown

How to get rid of bubble gum on glasses?

My son got bubble gum on my glasses this morning. And now I find it very difficult to remove it off my lens, what should I do to now?
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  • Erin

    You have two solutions without damageing your lens. For one, you can put the glasses into the freezer or refrigeritor to freeze the lens.Take them out when they are ready and hard. When they are freezed hard, it will be much easier for you to remove them. For the other, you can apply some baby oil to your glasses and rub them with your fingers. The gum will be gone soon. Whichever method you use, you need to wash your glasses with soap. After that, your glasses will be back.
  • Tessence

    That is a tricky problem for you, but do not worry because there are lots of ways to help you remove the bubble gum from your glasses. They easiest way is that you put your glasses inside your refrigerator for a few minutes, and the bubble gum will fall off your glasses itself. You can also try to wash the bubble gum off with some alcohol or gasoline. It is a simple way to get your glasses all cleaned up. The third way is that you put your glasses into some clean water, but they have to be in the water for a few minutes, and after that, you can also get a clean pair of glasses again. Some people also say that you can try to scrape the bubble gum with a eraser. I have never try it that way, but it may work. If you do not try all the ways above, you can go to a optical shop and ask help from them.
  • epyon_rebirth

    Well, I think your situation is really complicated, for it is true bubble gum stains are really difficult to get off from something, the point is, we have to think about your glasses, so it would not be ok to use force. My advice for you is to get some detergent and flush them off your glasses. Just try to ask for help in an optical store and there will be professional assistance available.

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