How to fix crooked glasses frames?

What can I do to fix my crooked glasses frames? I have an emergency.
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  • ellochkablecy

    Relax, friend. It is not that hard. First of all, can you tell me when you buy your glasses? You know, if yours are new, you can just send them to the shop where you bought. I am sure that they will do this for you. However, if this pair of glasses is your old friend, then I will tell you how to take care of them. First of all, you should check your frame to see how crooked they are. And then warm your crooked parts over the heat or steam. As soon as they get soft, you can shape them right now. Finally, you can just dry them. Very easy, right? One more word, I used to do this a lot, but if you are not sure you can do it successfully, you had better ask for help.
  • Anthony gary

    You can do it in a number of ways. Of course it has to be done on the basis of your having this experience. When you try to reshape your frames, you should be gentle all the way. Avoid using too much pressure when you try to straighten your frames and do not rush to make this process fast. You have to know one thing, glasses are very fragile. When you try to add some pressure to your glasses to reshape, try to add pressure to the nose piece. In a word, be careful when you touch any part of your glasses. Or you had better take them to the store where you bought them. Hope this works.
  • fergus

    Well, looks like you are in quite a hurry. So, from what I know, you should know the material of your frames before you can think of a good way to fix it! If they are made of plastic, you simply cannot do anything about it. Otherwise, but if it is made of metal, you could try to fix them with force. Because you cannot afford to find an optical store within such little time.
  • Trinity

    Well, I don' t know what emergency you are in, but I can totally understand your feeling. Please don' t worry too much about that, everything will be fine very soon. As we all know, crooked glasses frame can make us feel very very uncomfortable. Also, if you still have time, you may take your glasses to an eyewear store to have your glasses fixed. I think this is the most effective way. I wish you could solve your problem soon.

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