How to deal with my old eyeglasses?

I have changed my eyeglasses for days, but what to do with my old glasses? How can I reuse them?
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  • Dazza

    As the eyeglasses are updated due to our deeper prescription or some fashionable and functional new arrivals of eyeglasses, we always get new glasses every other year or more. As a result, you may have enough pairs of old glasses to decorate your room or living room in your style. White-washed walls, wooden floors and the shutters combined with the various glasses posing like a butterfly may be fascinating. Besides that, it will be very kind of your to donate your old glasses to some charities like World Vision Overseas or KODAK Lens to recycle the glasses by adjusting the nose pads and they do accept varifocals. In addition, they do appreciate your kindness.
  • Kelley

    It is said that people often need some time to get used to a new thing. So you may feel something is different when you are wearing your new glasses, and you may even have the feelings of uncomfortable at first. Then you can wear your old glasses for a change and give your eyes time to get used to the new pair of glasses. Besides, say if your eyes have already got used to the new pair of glasses, but you can be get bored with the same pair of glasses, then you can wear either pair of glasses if you like. However, all what I suggest above have conditions. You can still wear your old ones as long as the lenses of your glasses are not out of your range. But if the lenses of your old glasses do not fit your eyes anymore, you can still put them into use. I you like your old frames very much, you can remove the lenses, and wear only your frames or use your new lenses with your old frames.

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